Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions Your online payment on our website will be handled by PayPal and DPO Payment Gateways. Electronic cards processed on the same payment gateway (VISA, MasterCard) and M-Pesa for locals. With or without a PayPal account, you will be able to complete the payment using your card. You don’t need to create an account to proceed with checkout. Your payment will be processed automatically. PayPal and DPO will send you a receipt of payment made after completion. You will also receive an email confirming your booking details. We will also receive your booking order on our email and will revert with a boarding ticket attached. The purchase must be made at least two working days in advance Before date of travel.

Booking Terms and Conditions

  1. Validity of tickets: Tickets are only valid for the specific date and time. Originally scheduled unless changes notified 72 hours prior. Tickets are also non-transferable.
  2. Changes to Your Scheduled Departure Date or Times. Up to two (2) changes may be made to your originally scheduled departure time or date. Without incurring an additional $10.00 Change Fee. As long as price for the desired shuttle is the same or less than the original shuttle price.
  3. Reporting time is 30 minutes before departure.
  4. No-Show passengers forfeit their reservation/ticket and that reservation is not eligible to be used as a credit.
  5. All reservations, including changes to reservations, are subject to the availability of seats.
  6. No refunds are allowed if cancellation is made less than three (3) days in advance of original scheduled travel.

Cancellation of Reservations

  1. Cancellation of Reservations. A reservation may be cancelled only if cancelled at least 72 hours before the scheduled departure but a cancellation fee of 25% of the paid amount will apply. A credit will be issued to be used toward future travel.  This credit will be applied on your account and travel, using this credit must be completed within 3 months of original travel date. If this same reservation is cancelled a second time, it will not be able to be reinstated.
  2. Fares may be subject to taxes and processing fees. Which will be added on to the price of the ticket, if applicable. These Fees are non-refundable unless otherwise noted.
  3. Passengers must be at the Boarding Location at least 30 minutes prior. To scheduled departure time, if the vehicle is not at the boarding location by the scheduled departure time, please call the office immediately to be updated on the location of the bus.
  4. Passengers are encouraged to call our office to confirm their reservation. At least 24 hours before they are scheduled to depart.

Reinstatement of Reservation

  1. Reinstatement of Reservation: Cancelled reservations, or credits, may be reinstated for a trip of equal or lesser value, provided that travel will be complete within three months from the original date of travel. Any credits not used within three months of the original date of travel are no longer valid and cannot be reinstated.
  2. We reserve the right to refuse transportation to anyone who in our sole opinion may be disruptive to the driver or other passengers.
  3. Each passenger is allowed two (2) pieces of luggage and two (2) carry-ons not exceeding 20kgs total weight. Luggage will not be checked in and will be transported under the sole responsibility of the passenger. (Passengers are responsible to have their bags clearly marked with a name and phone number.) Excess and odd-sized luggage will be accepted only if space is available and for a fee of $5 per piece. Passenger shall not transport upon his person or within his luggage any flammable, illicit or unlawful products.
  4. Nairobi Arusha Shuttle Bus shall not be responsible for any items left on our shuttles by any customer. Items left on our vehicles will be held in our office for 30 days. The owner of these items is responsible for making arrangements to pick up the items or to have them returned. The owner will be responsible for all expenses incurred. Passengers are responsible for the care and handling of their own luggage.


  1. The  Rate /Price is per person.
  2. Ensure you have all Valid travel documentation, Impala Shuttle will not be responsible if you are left at the border due to lack of all documents, (Valid Passport, Yellow fever card, covid-19 PCR test certificate and proof of covid-19 vaccination).
  3. No Smoking, use of alcohol or illicit drugs shall be allowed or tolerated. NASB reserves the right to refuse to provide transportation to a person under the influence of liquor or drugs, or whose behavior in any way threatens other passengers or the driver. No refund will be issued in such cases.
  4. Animals are not allowed on our coaches except for trained service animals accompanying special needs travelers. Documentation of the animal’s status as a service animal must be immediately available.
  5. Nairobi Arusha Shuttle Bus will make its best effort to get passengers to their destination on or before the scheduled arrival time. However, Nairobi Arusha Shuttle Bus will not be responsible for delays caused by weather, road or traffic conditions, mechanical failure or any other conditions that are unforeseen. Any expenses arising from delayed departure or arrival times, including but not limited to missed flights, missed schedules or other travel connections are the sole responsibility of the passenger.  In the event of an emergency, NASB reserves the right to transfer passengers from one vehicle to another.

Valuable items including – Terms and Conditions

  1.  Valuable items including medications, money, travel/identity documents should not be carried in luggage but should be carried on the person at all times.
  2. Any disputes between the parties arising under this Contract shall be settled by arbitration, with the fees of the Arbitrator to be shared equally by the parties unless the Arbitrator, at the conclusion of the arbitration, determines otherwise.
  3. If you have a question about our service, or you do not understand the “Terms and Conditions,” please call our office.

By purchasing a ticket to ride with Nairobi Arusha Shuttle Buses, you are agreeing to abide by the following terms and conditions: Please read them carefully before bringing forward your complaints. Enjoy our services!!!