Arusha Nairobi Morning Shuttle

$25.00 excluding Tax


Nairobi Arusha shuttle Bus Ticket book your Ticket on Daily tourist shuttle bus from Tanzania to Kenya bus Service Arusha Nairobi shuttle bus services
Book Now choose your seat and morning travel Via Namanga border
1. The Bus departs at Bella Luna bus park on Philips road
2. Check inn time is between 7:30am to 7:45am
3. We Do Shuttle Pick ups within Arusha town hotels feel free to advise your hotel at time of Shuttle bus Booking
4. Departure from Arusha to Nairobi airport passengers are expected to Arrive at airport by 1300hrs
5. Arusha to Nairobi bus travel travel time to Nairobi city center expected time of arrival is between 2- 3 pm depending on traffic jam
. Arusha Nairobi shuttle bus can do pick up on request WhatsApp
7. Arusha Nairobi Private shuttle bus hire and Private car hire from Arusha to Nairobi is available on Tanzania to Nairobi by road
Pick up points:
Picasso restaurant next to Arusha dstv at Arusha (Philips road) Drop off Nairobi airport /Nairobi City center Parkside hotel (Monrovia street)


Arusha Nairobi Morning Shuttle

Travel Times Nairobi Arusha
shuttle bus
Nairobi – Moshi: Morning 8am
Nairobi Arusha: Morning 8am
Nairobi Arusha: Afternoon 2pm
Travel Times Moshi Arusha
Nairobi shuttle bus
Moshi – Nairobi: Morning 6am
Arusha-Nairobi: Morning 8am
Arusha -Nairobi: Afternoon 2pm


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