Moshi Shuttle Bus Services

Moshi Shuttle Bus Services

TWe therefore arrange your booking and take you from your hotel to board and ensure that that travel booking and reserve a seat/s on your behalf to Shuttle Buses cruising the following routes: – NairobiArusha, Nairobi – Arusha – Moshi, Nairobi – Arusha – Moshi – Kilimanjaro (Marangu / Machame) Shuttle, Nairobi -Namanga- Arusha – Moshi -Marangu Kilimanjaro

Shuttle Bus Description

Compared to ‘first world’ status, these shuttles are comfortable. Cannot be said to be luxurious The justification for use is affordability and value for service. Travel in an air-conditioned mini-van or sometimes a large coach for travel comfort. Most seats are recliner, folding type to ensure more travel comfort. Usually other local business travelers prefer to use larger buses like Modern Coast, among others. Tourist travelers are most suited for these smaller shuttles buses

Please note that these shuttles, though offering more comfortable travel options, they have no wash rooms within.

Cross-Border Travel Info / Visa Requirements

Must have a Tanzania visa to cross the border at Namanga. If no prior arrangements have been made. visas may be paid for at the Immigration office. Although this tends to be a time-consuming exercise if majority of passengers do not have them. Expect customs inspections which sometimes may be annoyingly thorough on the Tanzania side. On the Kenyan side, there is a great respect for the tourist traveler.

Word of Caution

Please read our travel advice on Kenya Arrivals & Information here. Going with us on Safari to Tanzania or Mt. Kilimanjaro Climbing?.

Good news is that one of representatives MUST travel with you to Arusha / Moshi at no extra cost to ensure ALL is well all your booking and safari. The representative leaves Tanzania on the starting day of safari or adventure.

Arusha Moshi Shuttles – Moshi Shuttle Bus Services

Nairobi to Arusha Shuttle, Nairobi to Moshi Shuttle, Nairobi to Kilimanjaro (Marangu / Machame) Services

This is a dedicated shuttle services mainly catering for tourists and cross border travelers. Who wish to use a trusted service. That are boarded from Nairobi city center. We have contract services signed with these Nairobi-Arusha-Moshi to cater for our guests who travel to these destinations. Either for Mt. Kilimanjaro climb or to go on safari to Tanzania’s. Northern Circuit Moshi Shuttle Bus Services (Arusha-Manyara-Tarangire-Ngorongoro-Serengeti-Arusha) safaris.

Moshi Shuttle Bus Services – Jomo Kenyatta International Airport

Moshi Shuttle Bus Services is a transportation company that operates in Tanzania. Offering reliable and comfortable shuttle services between Moshi and various nearby destinations. Their fleet of vehicles includes 25-seater buses. that are well-maintained and equipped with air conditioning. Comfortable seats, and ample space for luggage. Moshi Shuttle Bus Services prides itself on providing punctual and efficient service to its customers, with a focus on safety and comfort. The company’s experienced drivers are knowledgeable of the local roads and traffic patterns, ensuring a smooth journey to and from your destination. Overall, Moshi Shuttle Bus Services offers a convenient and affordable way to travel around Moshi and neighboring areas.

Jomo Kenyatta shuttles

Jomo Kenyatta shuttles offer safe and comfortable transfers between Arusha and Moshi in Tanzania. The shuttle services are reliable and affordable for travelers looking for a hassle-free transfer between the two cities. Jomo Kenyatta shuttles operate daily and provide door-to-door transfers, ensuring that passengers arrive at their destination in a timely and convenient manner. The shuttle services have experienced drivers, comfortable seating, and spacious luggage compartments to ensure a comfortable and stress-free journey. Travelers can book their transfers in advance online or at the shuttle offices. With Jomo Kenyatta shuttles, visitors can enjoy a smooth transfer between Arusha and Moshi while experiencing the beautiful scenery along the way.

comfortable transfers between Arusha and Moshi

If you’re planning a trip to Tanzania and looking for a smooth and comfortable transfer between Arusha and Moshi, there are a few things to consider. Both cities are located in the northern region of Tanzania, with Arusha being the larger of the two and serving as a gateway to popular destinations like the Serengeti and Kilimanjaro. Moshi, on the other hand, is a smaller town known for its proximity to Mount Kilimanjaro and its scenic views.

Arusha and Moshi

To travel between Arusha and Moshi, there are several options available, including private transfers, shared shuttles, and buses. Private transfers offer the most comfortable and convenient option, with air-conditioned vehicles, on-board refreshments, and the ability to customize your itinerary. Shared shuttles and buses are more affordable but may take longer and be less comfortable.

Regardless of your choice, always make sure to book with a reliable and reputable company, and confirm the details of your transfer to ensure a smooth and stress-free journey.

Moshi Shuttle Bus Services Luxury

Nairobi Arusha Moshi Luxury Shuttles is a transportation company that provides luxury shuttle services between Nairobi, Arusha, and Moshi. The company offers a comfortable and reliable way to travel between these three popular destinations while enjoying the stunning views of the beautiful landscape. The shuttles are equipped with comfortable, spacious, and air-conditioned seating, providing a relaxing and enjoyable travel experience. The company takes pride in their highly trained and experienced drivers who ensure safety and on-time arrival. Nairobi Arusha Moshi Luxury Shuttles offers both private and shared shuttles, catering to different preferences and budgets. The company also provides door-to-door pick-up and drop-off services for added convenience and comfort. They offer competitive prices, making their services accessible to people of all walks of life.

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